Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hello everyone.  I hope your Tuesday is going well.  I have some detailed homework instructions to take note of:

Health/Careers:  You were supposed to have your detailed wish list complete, including current, local purchasing costs for the home(s) and vehicle(s) you would like.  Using the mortgage calculator and loan calculator that we looked at today in class, make sure you have your monthly expenses calculated.   Also, on your job description page, calculate your net monthly income and fill in all of the blanks on the backside of the worksheet.  This is due for tomorrow;
Math 7: The unit 8 review worksheets are due for marking tomorrow.  We will also be marking the 8.7 worksheet that was due for today.  Tomorrow I will be assigning the Unit 8 Review in the textbook.  We have our next Post-Assessment on Wednesday;
ELA:  Please continue working on your research assignment and writing your rough draft for the written report;
Handouts:  Several handouts have gone home in the last couple of days.  Yesterday I sent home notes regarding Track and Field and the upcoming Hawaiian Dance.  Both of these events require a $2.00 payment.  Today I sent home a note/order form for the year-end SCC barbecue.  The orders and payments are due next Tuesday, May 24th.  I also sent home a detailed note package regarding Grade 8 Farewell and other year end activities.  This pink note package needs close attention.

Thanks for checking in.  Have a great afternoon.

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