Friday, September 2, 2016

Good afternoon.  I'm sure many of you are feeling as annoyed with the alarm clock as I am.  The good news is you're about to have three days off.  We have a few things to be aware of already:

Grade 7's - canoeing forms are going home today.  Please pay online and return the completed form on Tuesday.  Our first lesson is on September 12th, so this needs to be taken care of immediately;
Track and Field - Track day is on September 21st.  Payment for the bus needs to be made online and the signed permission slips need to be returned no later than September 16th.  A copy of this letter is below;
Milk - once again, students are able to purchase milk for their lunches.  This is another thing that needs to be paid for online with the School Payment System.  Forms for this are also going home today.
Art - we are starting an art project next week that requires preparation beforehand.  Please work on collecting various magazines and pictures that represent you and the various things you are interested in.  I would like have these in the class on Tuesday so that we are prepared for Art.

Thanks for a fabulous start to the school year.  Below I have attached the letter regarding Track and Field:

September 2, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardians,

Jack MacKenzie School is running a school track and field meet, which will be taking place Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, at Douglas Park in the Canada Games Complex.  Students will be leaving from Jack MacKenzie School by bus no later than 9:00 am Wednesday morning and will return to the school for dismissal before 3:37 pm.

Students should be prepared to be outside for the day in any kind of weather – we will be going rain or shine.  The meet will only be cancelled due to inclement weather – heavy rain, snow or sleet.  An alternate day has not been set, so hope for the best!

Please provide $2.00 to help pay for the cost of busing the students to and from the track and complete the permission form below for your child to attend the meet.  Also, if you are able to help run an event or lead a group, please return the form below.  All payments are to be done online and have the attached form returned to the school prior to Friday, September 16th, 2016.


I give my permission for                                              to attend the track meet at the Canada Games Complex at Douglas Park on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016. 

            Parent/Guardian Signature                                                      Date

Receipt Number:                                                                    

If you are available to help out at the track and field meet please email  Please let him know 

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