Monday, January 11, 2016

Good afternoon and happy Monday,  I'm not sure what everyone ate this weekend but it was a very hyper day.  Hopefully we can be a little more focused tomorrow  . . .

1. Math 7 - Unit Review worksheet is due tomorrow, Unit Review text book should be started.  All 18 questions in the text book are due on Wednesday.  The Post-Assessment is on Wednesday;
2. Health - please finish answering the IDEAL decision making example for tomorrow;
3. ELA - Industrial Revolution Expository Paragraph - work on rough draft and be  ready for peer editing by Thursday - final copy due next Monday;
4. Also in ELA - Reading strategies worksheet booklet due Friday;

Please check the other blogs for homework in other subject areas.

So far we have had exactly eight students turn in their signed forms for the Ski/Snowboard trip, booked for January 27th.  Please remember to pay online.  Also, please indicate on the form, which package you paid for.  There is no designated space to do this so anywhere is fine.  Hopefully, we can be the first homeroom to have all forms handed in and all fees paid online.

The information regarding the Ski/Snowboard trip to Mission Ridge is as follows:

Grade 6-8 students from Jack MacKenzie are going on a Learn to Ski Excursion at Mission Ridge in Fort Qu’Appelle on Wednesday, January 27th

The following is a pricing guide depending on each student’s situation:

  • Ski Package #1 (skis, boots, poles, lift ticket, helmet) - $ 37.00 Taxes Included. (Add $6.00 for bussing).     Total Cost - $43.00

  • Ski Package #2 (skis, boots, poles, lift ticket). Own your own helmet – $32.00 Taxes included. (Add $6.00 for bussing).      Total Cost - $38.00

  • Snowboard Package #1 (snowboard, boots, lift ticket, helmet) - $ 46.00 Taxes Included.
(Add $6.00 for bussing).      Total Cost - $52.00

  • Snowboard Package #2 (snowboard, boots, lift ticket) Own your own helmet - $41.00 Taxes Included. (Add $6.00 for bussing).   Total Cost – $47.00

  • Lift ticket only-$ 21.00 ( Add $6.00 for bussing )      Total Cost – $27.00

  • Helmet only-$5.00 ( Add $6.00 for bussing )      Total Cost - $11.00

**Bus transportation - $ 6.00 All students must pay this amount regardless of the situation.**

Documents must be signed and returned, with payment made, by Wednesday, January 20th.  Please remember that payments are to be made via our online payment service.

Students can bring a lunch or purchase food at their cafeteria.  Documents with arrival and departure times as well as commonly asked questions are attached.  Please fill out the necessary forms.

Yours in Education,

Mr. Yeske
Mrs. Reoch
Mr. DuMont
Mrs. Scott
Mrs. Riou

Ms. Foell 

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